Friday, June 17, 2011

Store Up Treasure in Heaven - Where your Treasure is, there Also Will your Heart Be

In today's readings for Mass we hear, "Store up treasure in heaven. Where your treasure is, there your heart will be." There is only one thing that remains in heaven: charity. That is why it is not just a quaint expression of St Lawrence, the deacon of Rome, "The poor will carry your wealth to heaven for you." What it means is that when you give to those in need, if you do it with sincerity and no desire to be recognized, it is converted to charity, and you are actually storing up treasure in heaven. This is why the Father's of the Church have the expression, "By almsgiving you may save your soul."

Also it is important to not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing. We say this not only to purify our intention of giving, to give discreetly, but also because of the great battle that takes place when you give alms, because it may be an act of salvation. The devil, on the left hand of God, disguised in very well thought out excuses, may try to stop the right intention of giving because he knows you are giving to Christ himself in disguise, and it just might save you. We know that at the end of our lives Jesus may say, "you fed me" or "you did not feed me." At that time the disguises will be gone and we will have either fed Jesus in the poor or fed the devil in our excuses and we will follow to heaven or hell whomever in this life we have aligned ourselves.

Do not think that you must give money. Even if you give that without giving the most important gift, yourself, anything else you give is of little value. If someone asks you for something, give yourself - i.e. your time, concern, love, and then whatever else you are able to give that may help them.

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