Sunday, June 19, 2011

St Teresa of Avila Reminds us Who is the Most Powerful

One of my favorite quotes of St Teresa of Avila is when she speaks about how sick and tired she is about all the people crying out as if fascinated with "the devil, the devil, the devil, what about God, God, God!! Why don't you be fascinated with his power, his glory, his victory." However cunning may the serpent be, he is still just a stupid little snake, who is crushed readily by the Mighty and Merciful God and those who trust in his Name. May Our Lady bring about a new cohort of warriors, ready, as St Louis De Montfort says, to destroy the kingdom of satan with one hand and build the Kingdom of Christ with the other. O Maria, Mater Dei et Mater nobis, tota pulchra est, ora pro nobis!

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  1. Through The Blessing Mother, we will gather the strenght to continue holding the hand of her son in the correct direction. Through the Blessing Mother we get endurance to pray even when test are so great and we encounter ourselves impossible to pray on our own. Through The Blessing Mother, we can cry on her arms when we feel a mother to confort us. AMEN