Tuesday, May 31, 2016

#Delicious #SoupInABreadBowl with a #PintOfGuiness at a #LayoverInReykjavik

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#Iceland is beautiful. Land of #volcanoes, hot springs, #waterfalls more majestic than Niagra, some that never reach the ground, seemingly flowing upwards in the wind, #geysers more faithful than old faithful, and markedly kind people.

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These stewardesses were so helpful when I had difficulty solving the crossword puzzle. #teameffort #feelthelove

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Driving in Paris is like...well it's not like anything else. I drove around the Arch D'Triumph about three times for sheer joy of it.

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St Therese of the child Jesus, pray for us!

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Thursday, May 12, 2016

#DailyMass is powerful encounter with the #RisenLord, who gives us strength to love others as He has loved us.

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#EnjoyingLifeWithTheFam #Merlot #Brie #Crackers

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Dinner tonight for these lovely ladies, my sister and three of her daughters. Baylyn is two days away from her wedding.

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A holy hour is a time set aside entirely to worship God, to repair for sin, to entrust your cares to him, and to beg him for graces needed for your salvation, and that of the whole world.

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#HealthyFood #Avocado #Onion #Garlic #Eggs #Carrots #Mushrooms #Seasonings #Delicious

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Many people ask me how to pray. I ask them how many actual minutes did you spend yesterday, and everyday consistently last month, when you turned off your phone, turned away from every thing and everyone, and locked yourself up in your inmost room of your heart to speak to only your Father in private? How many? Exactly. Stop asking how and start scheduling the most important appointment in your day. Do that for 15-30 minutes a day and soon you will be instructing me.

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