Thursday, June 30, 2011

Jesus must Found the Church in Each Soul

When the Lord Jesus said to St Peter, "You are Cephas (Rock in Aramaic) and upon this Rock I will build my Church, he was not only referring to the institution of the Papacy that would be perpetuated until the end of time, but to a communion to which each soul is called. To take into one's own interior this relationship with St Peter and each of his successor's faith, this is the task of each Christian. The Church must be founded in our hearts, and we must today and tomorrow and the day after that, continue to feed upon the prophetic truth that flows from the font of St Peter's successors. In this way we discover that Jesus Christ is fully alive, and that his teachings, while ancient, are also ever new, and meant to bear fruitfulness in our age for this time. May the Prayer of Our Lady, Queen of the Apostles and most zealous defender of the Christian faith, help us to listen attentively to the teachings of Christ that come to us from the apostles and their successors.

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