Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mourning the Loss of Therese Perez, Great Pro-Life Advocate in Corpus Christi, Texas

You don't know quite how much a person changed the lives of so many until they are gone. Therese Perez died on June 17, 2011, at 3pm. She was the head of Hope House, a shelter for pregnant women in Corpus Christi, Texas. She had brought religious sisters in to care for the children. She invited me there to baptize the babies and counsel the mothers. You could even say she was responsible for Planned Parenthood leaving town, after she spear-headed the movement to defund them of $70,000 the city was paying from tax payers pockets. She also had a yearly youth meeting called "Truth Jam" where young people learned about life issues.

Besides all of this she was a real mother. Anyone who approached her felt it - love. She was so good at sidewalk counseling at the local abortuary because every single young woman who came into her presence felt loved. I remember one woman, who walked away from the abortuary held in her arms after seeing Therese's gentle smile and hearing her say, "Honey, you don't have to do this. We love you and we are hear to help you."

Therese, you will be sorely missed. May you be greeted at your eternal reward by the choir of multitude children who never were born yet for whom you were their voice and a constant advocate.

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  1. Father Sam, Why do the good have to leave us when we need them the most? She humbles me. She doesn't sound like the kind of person who would need the prayers of a sinner like me, but I will indeed pray for the repose of her soul. Just as I ask her for her humble but fruitful prayers myself. I should ask our Lord to not so much replace her as she is irreplaceable, but I will ask him to help fill the void with new workers with her heart and soul. Thank you for sharing this Father. You are in my prayers as well. +++