Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pope calls Elijah, Model Intercessory Prayer to Obliterate Idolatry from Human Hearts

Just because it is called "prayer" doesn't mean it is Christian. The Holy Father pointed this out in his most recent Wednesday Audience:

This is a confrontation, the Bishop of Rome said, that in reality "is between the Lord of Israel, the God of salvation and of life, and a mute and empty idol that can do nothing, neither good nor evil."

It is also a confrontation, he said, "between two completely different ways of turning to God and ways of prayer."

Some Authentic Catholic prayer is offering Christ to the Father through the Holy Spirit. This is the end of every collect in the Roman liturgy, and it ought to be our pattern of our personal prayer. Our prayer really should simply be the extension of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, offering the precious blood of Jesus to the Father in our hearts, and like the Immaculate Heart of Mary, entering zealously into the prayer of Jesus Christ Crucified, begging God for the salvation of all mankind.

Other stuff, crystals, self-centered imagination meditations, goofy made up rituals where you burn things, spin around three times like a dog chasing its tail, with balloons or streamers - RUBISH! It is not Christ. Better to pray like Elijah and ask the Lord to cleanse the Church, the New Israel of false prophets and idolatrous ways of praying that actually may be acts of self-idolatry.

Here is the Youtube video of the Holy Father.

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