Saturday, June 25, 2011

St John the Baptist, Celebrating his birth as the New Dawn of Our Redemption

St John the Baptist is the only other person besides Our Lady and Our Lord whom we celebrate their birth. Why? St Augustine, St Jerome, and St John Chrysostom all said that this was because he was pre-sanctified of original sin from the womb of Mary by the Lord Jesus. Every other saint's birthday is their death - birth into eternity. St John's birth teaches us two things. First, in order to prepare the way of the Savior we must be without sin. Second, great penance and suffering is the only way authentic love is purified. Most people would rather talk about camel hair and crickets in his life than talk about the tenacious love of the Baptist, his adoration of Christ, or his great holiness. May St John teach us the arid way of desert love of God and neighbor.

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