Tuesday, December 1, 2015

It's great when people are gifted, when they're smart, funny, strong or beautiful. It's wonderful when priests are gifted, when they're good teachers, preachers, confessors, or Intercessors. "But I will show you still a more excellent way" (1 Cor 12:31). I can have all gifts, be very gifted, but unless I gift myself, unless I have love, "I am nothing" (1 Cor 13:2). I am "gifted." People tell me that all the time, but I consider it all nothing, like flattery or fluff, in fact I can even see some priests or people getting hung up on their gifts, for these are nothing compared to what it is like to love someone, and in so doing to truly and eternally show them God's true face. To be loved is to know God. May we all reveal God in the way we love and serve.

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