Thursday, October 22, 2015

Today I saw once again Jesus' thirst for souls. During prayer I asked Him how He wanted me to serve a particular person. I felt such an urgency on His part, "I want to be closer to her. Do not withhold teaching about me. Thin is the veil that lies between Me and souls, how I want to tear it away!" I immediately contacted her and asked if we could talk. I shared with her about the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus that beats with love for her. She said she wants to know Jesus more and receive Him in Holy Communion, I gave her a rosary from the Sisters, which we prayed together, and initiated instruction. Later she said, "I was praying for a sign from God. You're probably the sign I was looking for." Christian! Remember you are a sign of Jesus Christ! Be not afraid to share His supreme Mercy with souls!

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