Tuesday, October 6, 2015

His words weren't unique, he didn't look so different, didn't have anything remarkable about him but there is one thing they just could t shake, couldn't figure out. This man had just spent three days inside a whale. That was just too weird, too astonishing to be ignored. He should have been dead or at least mutilated or traumatized. So when he said, "40 days more and Nineveh will be destroyed," they could not help but listen and repent. Jesus spent three days dead. So when he rose they couldn't help but listen. It is the same with us. If you rise from death, from living a dead miserable life and you rise with great peace and joy, that itself is the most powerful message. Holiness is the loudest sermon. Be raised up in your thoughts, words, and in noble elevated love, and others will not be able to ignore the power that has worked in your life.

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