Thursday, February 2, 2012

Share the Holy Light of Jesus Christ

Today is Candlemass, 40 days after December 25th, when Jesus Christ was born.  In the levitical law each first born son must be consecrated to the Lord.  We also celebrate the World Day of Consecrated Life. Read Pope Benedict XVI's message for today (View Photos of his celebration of recommitment to religious life).
Rafael Valls, the Presentation in the Temple
Here is my homily for the day:

If you have trouble listening click here.
Mass Readings for the day

We must live our consecration in Christ in order that this world may know the light of the Father's love.  We are called to be holy as God is holy.  Only living a life in imitation of Christ can bring show people the face of God.

Consecrated persons are called in a special way to shine the light of Christ.  May Our Lady, the mother of each vocation, help consecrated persons be faithful to their commitment and give new life to the Church and the world.

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