Monday, January 30, 2012

Jesus' Meekness Conquers

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Meekness is confidence in God's power and purpose in our lives, so that even amidst suffering and trial we hope that God's mighty goodness will be manifest.  This is what David exercised when he didn't retaliate against the man who cursed him in the Mount of Olives.  This is what Jesus did in the Mount of Olives later when faced with the huge mountain of our sins.  This is what anyone does who knows that it is the goodness of God that permits a present suffering that a greater good may come of it.  It is also what happens in the act of exorcism, which is primarily about confidence in the victory of Jesus Christ over the evil one.

We learn meekness from Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and from Our Lady.  May her prayers help us to be like our Eucharistic Jesus, meek and humble of Heart.

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