Monday, January 9, 2012

Offering Christ the Gold of Charity, the Frankincense of Prayer, and the Myrrh of our Sufferings

Listen to my homily for the Solemnity of the Epiphany:

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Mass readings for the day.

Epi phanein is a greek word that means to marvelously reveal, to wondrously manifest, and it is the name of the solemnity which we celebrate today.  Christ revealed himself as the light to the nations when the three magi came and prostrated themselves before him in worship.

We must allow God the Father to make present, to manifest in us the eternal Love he has revealed to us in Jesus Christ.  Only in this way will we be freed to manifest this love to others.

The Most Holy Eucharist is the perfect manifestation of God's love for us on earth.  This eucharistic, epiphany, manifested love must train and form us to manifest this love in our thoughts, words, and actions, that our relationships, our families, our nations be manifestations of God's goodness.

The Blessed Virgin Mary, on whose lap the king of kings sat as the wise men worshiped, gives and manifests Christ to us.  May her prayers helps us to reveal Christ in all that we do.

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