Friday, February 10, 2012

Jesus Tests Us that We May Love More

A very important part of the pilgrimage is the journey to the holy place.  The reason for this is that the arduous and difficult road prepares us and disposes us to receive the graces that God wants to give us.  The journey makes us more humble, grateful, dispelling the myth of self-sufficiency, giving us courage and hope, that when we arrive we may enjoy for fully all God's benefits, graces, merits, and gifts.  This is also true for holy Mass.  The Word tests us that we may receive the Sacrament more worthily.  Also true for life.  By being tested and tried, love is purified and augmented that our heavenly reward may be better enjoyed.  God wants us to be as happy eternally as possible, and so he puts us in the crucible, for suffering and trial are the only way to bring about greater love.

This is exactly what he did to the Syrophoenecian woman.  He tested her to reveal to herself and those around her that she was worthy of a miracle.

YOU are worthy of a miracle when you suffer, when you allow the Lord, like a good shepherd, to bring you along the narrow path of the Cross, so that you more fruitfully may enjoy the joys and delights of the Resurrection.

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