Tuesday, December 13, 2011

You Can Decide Today to Be A Joyful Person Forever

Jesus and Laughing Baby by Jean Keaton
Because God is all-powerful and because he powerfully loves you, there is no reason to not decide now to be fundamentally a joyful person and to remain in the joy of God forever.

Listen to my homily for Gaudete Sunday:

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Ingredients for being a joyful Christian:

1.  Humility - Accept with St John the Baptist, "I am not the Christ"  I am not God.  Can you make the sun rise and set?  God can.  Let God be God and you be his creature.  Recognize his authority and accept the gift of life he has given you.

2.  Humility - Accept the truth of who you are - one who is loved by God, whom he created out of nothing, whom he chose for baptism and continues to chose to gift his Body and Blood in the Sacrament of the Eucharist.

3.  Humility - Accept life as it is and you will find that it is pretty good.  God has given you so much.  Even if you have suffered something you have not suffered in vain or alone.  God has never abandoned you and never will.

Notice that humility is made up of two vitamins:



Take plenty of these vitamins every day for lots of JOY.

God love you.  Rejoice and don't stop until 15 minutes after your dead.  Then you can rejoice eternally with God.

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  1. Father - when you are able - more on JOY - please