Friday, December 16, 2011

Raise a Glad Cry, Break Forth in Jubilant Song

26 week old fetus smiling.  Jesus rejoiced in Mary's Womb
Listen to my homily for today:

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Mass Readings for Today.

This weeks readings show us how to perpetually remain in the joy of God.  This does not mean our joy will not be accompanied by the rest of life's sorrows, pains, irritations and frustrations.  It simply means that joy is primary.

If we, like the sinners and tax collectors in the Gospel for today accept the plan of God, we will find joy.  If we do not, like the Pharisees and lawyers, we will find only the pain of not following God's plan.  God is pure joy - a holy communion of joyful love of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  His plan is to bring us up into this joyful communion and share it with all.

Our Lady, the Immaculate and joyful Heart of Mary, can obtain for us the gift of true joy.

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