Monday, October 17, 2011

Why Abortion is THE Issue of Our Day - Render Unto God what is God's and Bears His Image

In the Gospel for today, the 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Jesus teaches us about the two realms of faith and government as his disciples have dual citizenship both of this world and of the Kingdom of Heaven.

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A coin bears the head of the person in charge of the state on it and his name.  A human person has inscribed within the very image and name of the Creator, bearing a divine dignity and rights with which he is endowed.  To say then that faith can have no bearing on the state is a lie.  Anyone who doesn't allow their faith to bear influence on their own political views, the social and economic sphere, not only has dead faith, but actually the words of Jesus apply to him, "You hypocrite!"

THE issue in our time for faith and government is abortion.  The reason for this is because the fundamental right to life, and to treated as a human person from the moment of conception is being violated by governments.  For those who say that we cannot be stuck on one issue, I would simply point out that Hitler was an ingenius leader who did everything legal but had one little issue of exterminating a portion of the population.  Why get stuck on one little issue of genocide?

Like hitlerian germany and the environment of slavery, we are now in an environment where millions are deceived into thinking that a fertilized embryo ought not have acccorded full rights of a human person.  When then does their personhood begin?  The fertilized embryo is not that of a duck, nor is it simply a tissue, or a machine.  It is a person who is simply very small growing every day into a larger person.

In our time, the young, in particular, seem to not have the same fear or reverence for the lie that a child in the womb is not a person, and it is the young that are doing the most in the pro-life movement.  A 22 year old woman, Lila Rose, started uncovering the illegal and unethical activity of Planned Parenthood, the world's largest abortion provider, and now it is being defunded slowly of taxpayer's money.  A young 23 year old founded 40 days for life, the world's most successful pro-life campaign to stop abortion.

When we look back at hitlerian Germany or times where slavery was decriminalized, we ask those people living in the time, why didn't they see it?  Why couldn't they see the evil right in front of them?  Why didn't they do anything to stop it?  Will generations from now ask that about us with regard to abortion?  It isn't going to last forever.  Eventually the image and likeness of the human person will be restored.

The question Jesus asks you today is,


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