Friday, July 1, 2011

The Fires of Love may burn us if we reject it

Do not think that Jesus' All-Merciful Heart has any false compassion. The sanctuary of God's love is protected by a holy hatred for sin and evil. Love must remain a free act, and it would not remain love were there not the free rejection of it that for some may result in an eternal banishment from it's sanctuary - hell.

Yet some say they do not believe in hell or that a loving God could allow hell. It must again be repeated that if love were not free and capable of rejection it would no longer be love and could not become perfected. If you claim Jesus never taught about hell you are either ignorant because he spoke about it 27 times in the new testament OR you are not following the real Jesus. You have fabricated another religion than the one Jesus teaches, and you mock the very reason he suffered and died - to save you from hell. Here the Sacred Heart of Christ truly is revealed as the treasury of Salvation and hope of sinners. Here we see the saving Mercy of God.

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