Friday, July 1, 2011

The Two Hearts are THE Exception, the way out, the loophole, the way to cheat heaven

The Hearts of Jesus and Mary are THE great exception to the rule. The Sacred Heart of Jesus is a gift of God's gratuitous and unmerited love to man, undeserved, unwarranted, completely and totally, scandalously merciful gift of superabundant MERCY. The Immaculate Heart of Mary is the backdoor to heaven, where those who have no right to enter may steel their passage. It is the most mysterious and utterly indefensible of God's mercies, where his mercy appears excessive and without any limit. This is because these Hearts whose kindnesses are without measure to men are the mystery and gift of God's infinite LOVE, and are closest to who he is in is most pure essence - LOVE.

When I try to discern any rationality in my vocation as being chosen as a priest and there comes before my eyes multitudes of men who are more worthy than I, the only reason I can perceive of why I was chosen is because of the unwarranted, gratuitous and overindulgent LOVE of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. When I try to understand the great love I feel for souls in wanting to be spent for their sake, the terrible and ineffable tenderness I feel toward them in confession, any gift whatsoever of service, of love, of generosity my, the poorest and most miserable of hearts feels for souls, and most especially why I would be ever chosen to hold in my poor hands the living and beating Heart of the Eucharistic Jesus, I am undone with God's generosity to his poorest and miserable of servants. Here I can only deduce that it is because of the LOVE of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary that I am anything at all, that my vocation exists, and my heart is beating within me. May every beat of my heart beat for their regal Hearts the treasure and reward of all who hope for God's eternal freedom.

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