Thursday, July 23, 2015

I suppose it's important, in some way I guess. It probably feels really weighty and urgent, and if you don't attend to it you think you're missing something. Whatever it is, eternal salvation will always trump it. St Bridget of Sweden, indeed, every saint has a moment, a crossroads, where they see things in the light of true finality the true #YOLO moment. That's why she spent so much time on the quickest, surest, and most potent way to eternity- devout, single heated meditation on the Passion of Christ. Go ahead and try it. For 60 seconds turn away from all of it and gaze in faith on the Savior, bleeding for your salvation. I tell you, if you do this the remain seconds of your day will not be same. Do this for 15 minutes and your life will not be the same. That's the prayers she gave the Church could carry such weighty promises.

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