Monday, April 23, 2012

Happy St George's Day: If you Love England, Become Holy

Listen to my homily for the Solemnity of St George, Patron of England:

If you have trouble listening, click here.

St George is the Patron Saint of England.  It is no coincidence that he is a soldier and a nobleman.  It is the courage that allowed him to stare the Emperor Diocletian in the face and win the victory over human authority to witness to the divine Authority of Jesus Christ the Lord, gaining for himself the royal crown of martyrdom.  We need this same courage today in England.

God's response to any historical situation is to send saints.  If you love England, become holy.  If you are concerned for the nations future, her welfare, for her citizenry, become a saint!  If you are concerned for the future of this world, and want to do the most fruitful and useful thing to help, become a saint!

My the prayers and intercession of St George, all the angels and saints, and the glorious intercession of the Immaculate Virgin Mary, Queen of Martyrs, obtain for our age a harvest of holiness, that the Spirit of God may raise up holy men and women in our time.

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