Monday, April 9, 2012

Feast on the Succulent Graces, Choice Merits, and Luscious Blessings of the Resurrection

Listen to my homily for Easter Monday:

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Mass readings for the day

The holy octave of Easter is a kind of 8 day long feast on the succulent graces, choice merits, and luscious blessings of the Resurrection.  Jesus our Food, our Bread, who feeds us of his own divine essence and eternal perfections, spares no expense in giving us the costly fruits of his Passion.  In this week every day is a kind of course of the meal and the grand company of apostles, their resurrection speeches and missionary preaching that we find in the epistles of the week feed us lavishly as well.  Every day also is a different kind of choice wine from the storehouse of gifts of the Holy Spirit, inebriating us and soothing our souls with the medicine of immortality.

May Our Lady, queen of the Angels, whose song of Alleluia, mightily instructs us to praise, adore, magnify, and laud the Almighty God in joy and thanksgiving.

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