Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Should the Master Thank the Servant for Doing his Job?

Where is Jesus in my life, many ask.  Look down.  Look at your feet, at the part of you that is trampled upon, collecting smell and dirt, the part of you that seems to be unloved, broken, in need of God.  If you look with faith, you will have an amazing discovery.  Jesus is there, washing your feet!  In today's readings for Mass we are reminded that we are servants, and that we ought not look for reward.

Listen to my homily for today:

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It is so easy to get prideful for doing something good.  Jesus reminds us simply that it is our job to begin with.  We aren't doing God any favors.  He is isn't so blessed to have our wonderful selves be in  his service, rather it is the other way around.  He is permitting us to serve him, for serving the one who loves us is itself the greatest possible reward we could hope for.  Many times, our works are very lacking, full of errors, excesses, defects, faults, imperfections - full of self.  God often has to supplement our feeble works with his grace and correction, filling in our valleys and leveling our mountains.

This is true for anything God asks of us - in our marriages, in our workplace, in our families, in our nation. It is so important for us to encounter Christ serving in these places, so that we can follow him, see him serving so that where the master is there the servant shall be.

May Our Lady, whose mother's heart is one who serves, help us to have the beautiful humility and spirit of service necessary to follow Jesus, even to washing other's feet.

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