Thursday, November 10, 2011

Imitating Jesus, True God and True Man, with Pope St Leo the Great

Who do you say that Jesus is?  This is a fundamental question for a Christian.  One that can be answered not just with the lips, but by the way one lives.  Pope St Leo the Great is a monumental figure in explaining the very Person of Jesus Christ.

Listen to my homily for today:

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By our relationship with Jesus and Mary we need to incorporate the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic faith of the Church, and come to know and live deeper the mystery of Jesus Christ in our daily walk of discipleship.

Here is Pope St Leo the Great's Tome, that eventually was incorporated into the Council of Chalcedon:
What was taken from the mother of the Lord was the nature without the guilt [of original sin]. And the fact that the birth was miraculous does not imply that in the lord Jesus Christ, born from the virgin's womb, the nature is different from ours. The same one is true God and true man.
There is nothing unreal about this oneness, since both the lowliness of the man and the grandeur of the divinity are in mutual relation. As God is not changed by showing mercy, neither is humanity devoured by the dignity received. The activity of each form is what is proper to it in communion with the other: that is, the Word performs what belongs to the Word, and the flesh accomplishes what belongs to the flesh. One of these performs brilliant miracles; the other sustains acts of violence. As the Word does not lose its glory which is equal to that of the Father, so neither does the flesh leave the nature of its kind behind. We must say this again and again: one and the same is truly Son of God and truly son of man.

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