Saturday, May 7, 2011

Got a Minute?

"Look around you," the little kids sitting on the floor at the parochial Catholic primary school Mass curiously looked around for something. "Every one you see will one day be dead." GASP! Deep breaths and shocked looks came many, especially from the parents that were sitting behind them. "This is one of the greatest truths of your life that you should keep before you every day, that one day it will end."

Such was the happy homily I gave the students this past Easter. Don't worry it really did end on a happy note. I shared with them the death and resurrection of two of our parishioners whom I had only a day before confessed, anointed, and hours later they both died, and I dare say they both rose. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is something that only becomes really truly present to us in this current moment when we are given a little wake up call, a moment of grace, a commercial from God.

Last year the radio station for the local diocese in which I was working asked me to start a "medley minute" and give a moment of inspiration, a living encounter with Christ, to wake people up to the presence of God around them.

This blog is attempting to do just that - to give a proverbial minute, not necessarily 60 seconds, but a moment in time to remind us of where we are going. Not all of us have a happy ending. Who doesn't shudder at the thought of the unhappy ending of, as my grandma used to say, "H - E - Double Toothpicks"? No this is not a hellfire blog. (I know my readers well enough to say that some of you are saying, "Awe c'mon, nobody talks about it anymore.") Sorry to disappoint you. I am convinced that nothing can wake us up in a permanent and fulfilling way than the supreme and unsurpassable love of Jesus Christ.

If you meditated for one minute, leaving all else aside and focusing only on the suffering and death of Christ that he offered for YOU, you would immediately experience his resurrection. It would be a minute that would change your day, your life, your direction.

No one helps us focus better on Jesus than Mary. It is in a special way that this blog is consecrated to her Immaculate Heart, the love of Our Mother for us, that as many as possible may be touched by the love of God and their eyes fixed on the happy and noble end to which we all aspire. God love you.

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  1. Hey Father!!!
    Thanks for starting this blog, it'll be great to have all the 'minuets' in one spot.
    Huh... we always said "hockey sticks" instead of "toothpicks"...
    God Bless.