Sunday, May 8, 2011

Guild of Catholic Bloggers Meeting at Westminster Cathedral

Today I went to the first "blognic," or meeting of people who first met in the blogosphere, at Westminster Cathedral. I was not expecting much. I did not hope to formulate a plan, a new website, a new network. I did hope for two things and these things I felt were achieved: Communio et Progresso. Communion and Progress was a Pastoral Instruction that the Second Vatican Council ordered be written to enunciate the principles of discernment and action with the modern means of social communication.

These two principles are the two guidepost that I seek in any Catholic blog or internet endeavor, its measure as it were, to see if it is accomplishing the purpose of proclaiming the Gospel in way that brings about communion with God and the building up, or authentic progress, of man's dignity and vocation.

Really. It ain't that hard folks. What is necessary for a Catholic blog, not only in name but in fact, is to be a bridge not an obstacle to communion and to edify, beautify, and even electrify man, giving him new energy and purpose.

Here are a few principles, questions for reflection on a blog's success in doing these things:

1. Does it bring about a greater knowledge of God, and therefore, of his supreme love for man, OR does it cloud this knowledge distracting a reader to what is ultimately important?

2. Does it call forth what is noble, pure, true, beautiful, and good in man, OR does it diminish these?

3. Does it bring forth an up-building and increase of faith, and therefore of faithfulness, particularly to the authenticated voice of the Faith and teaching of Jesus Christ transmitted by the Sacred Magisterium of the Church, the Holy Father, and bishops in communion with him? OR does it cause dissent and disbelief in Christ's living authority on earth in the Church?

4. Are its sources solid? Does it speak the truth, the historical, scientific, anthropological, philosophical, and most importantly the theological wellsprings of divine and catholic Truth reliable, OR does it seek to perpetrate an opinion that does not illumine but clouds the facts?

5. Does it leave you a better person than when it found you, OR does it detract from your dignity and vocation to be the living image of Jesus Christ to all?

I think if we follow a few principles, our Catholic blogs and social media endeavors will shine forth the living face of Jesus Christ to a world which desperately needs this witness. God love you.


  1. Thank you so much for this post Fr Sam.

    The Communio et Progresso angle is exactly where I try and come from, sometimes failing in my desire to help pass on the Good News, but still will the intention of witnessing to the joy of the Catholic Faith, the freeing power of Christ's love, and the splendour of the Truth.

    It was really good to meet you yesterday, and thank you for travelling all the way into central London on what was a busy day for you.

    Hope to see you soon. We might have another meeting in the flesh around September. It would be good to have a Mass at that gathering ;-)

  2. Good to meet you Father, glad you made it to Aylesford in time.

  3. Great to meet you too, Richard. Thanks!