Monday, March 28, 2016

In the face of the death of Fr Flanagan, SOLT Founder, it is quite different than any other I have known. It is different to mourn the loss of a founder. The human twinge of pain of separation, the sorrow in the face of death, the bitterness of loss: these are mightily consumed and overshadowed, not only by his deeds, the way he lived and loved, but also that he gave something uniquely beautiful and holy to the Church as being the instrument of gifting a charism, or new way of answering the ancient call to holiness. There is mighty purpose in his death, a new mission, the opening of a new chapter. Through the lenses of tears of sorrowful joy, a new dawn arises, and I am mightily inspired by its light to become a saint, to answer the call to holiness in the pattern of the life and death and mission of Fr James Flanagan. It's hard to describe. I am more than proud to be a SOLT priest. I am called and inspired newly today to become a SOLT Saint.

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