Thursday, November 12, 2015

Chastity isn't repression. It's not fake or unnatural, nor does it make you weird, rigid, or neurotic. Unchastity causes depression, compulsion, and unnatural preoccupations to dominate ones vision. Chastity is the appeal to the body's deeper longing for greater and higher communion. The biochemical make-up, the emotional inclinations of the human heart all reveal that it is hardwired like a swan instinctually to mate for life. Self mastery is important to be faithful to one spouse every day for life. This fidelity instinct can be directed to live celibacy, i.e. perpetual continence, which is possible only when our interior is intimately united to this deeper longing for purest love. Prudence is needed to avoid anything that clouds this union and custody of the heart from straying after false or lesser loves. Oh and when you do harness this deeper and purer love, you become full to overflowing with explosive joy!

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