Saturday, September 19, 2015

Gardening is hard work? Even more laborious is tending the soil of your soul. It more than just knowing you want to be fruitful, or having some flighty intention of doing right. It is deciding to make the daily, faithful, tough decisions to remove the world's brambles, to weed out sin, to guard against devilish creatures, be vigilant against the pestilence of temptation, to funnel the waters of grace into the right place, and to accept the manure of humble duty, but most importantly to care for charity, which can be like a weak sprout at times easily bent by winds of caprice and scorched by the suffocating heat of the passions. Then, even when enjoying the harvest to be ready to plow away again. Yet in all this the great joy is the you labor with God, and in the enclosed garden of His Love, enjoying the friendship of other laborers who have also been called. #ParableOfTheSewer #ChooseDailyToBeFaithful #EternalHarvestOfCharity

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