Monday, January 28, 2013

The Church Needs to Lead Man in a Rediscovery of the Law of God, Written on Each Heart

Listen to my homily for the 3rd Sunday of the Church's Year:

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The Israelites came back from Babylon, only to find that they had forsaken the Law of God.  When they rediscovered the book of Deuteronomy, there was great mourning that it had been forgotten and great rejoicing that it had been found.  All the people committed to living it by saying, "AMEN!" and prostrating themselves on the ground before the Lord.

We need this rediscovery of the Law of God that is written on each human heart.  We need this terribly and we need it now.  The governments of our time are purporting to redefine the natural law, something they have no right doing, but unless we all stand up for what is right, they will succeed in manipulating human life in a direction that could be ultimately very destructive.

Since the family is the basic unit of society, the cell of society's body, if it attacked, the foundations upon which society stands will be shaken.  Marriage can only be a one-man, one-woman union.  Any attempt to redefine it will ultimately cause our downfall.

We are politically responsible to defend marriage and defend family life.  If we do not, we may not be ready to face the dire consequences.  Let us pray that we may be given the moral courage to stand up for what is good, right, true, and just, and that righteousness may prevail.

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