Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Let the Dead Burry their Dead: Follow Christ First and Let Him Arrange All Things After

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"Let the dead bury their dead."

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This is one of those gospel passages Christian sectarians just love to take out of context.  I assume the cemetery with the hands and feet that have been cut off because it caused them to sin and the spare tunic emporium, and hatred for your mother is nearby as well - the other scriptures taken out of context.  What Jesus means is that nothing, nothing at all, ought to be before following him.  Especially if we understand that Jesus Christ is the same God and Lord that the first reading reveals to be all-holy, all-perfect, all-just, almighty, whose ways are inscrutable and decrees unalterable.  He is God.  Put him first, then everything second.  If you do this, then you will know how to mourn in a Christian way, how to follow Christ with a holy impatience, not tolerating anything in your heart to find its way into that priority that only the worship and adoration of God should have.

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