Monday, August 6, 2012

The Light of Tabor and Calvary Prepare us for the LIght of Glory

Listen to my homily for the Feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord:

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As St Thomas Aquinas says,

Therefore it was fitting that He should show His disciples the glory of His clarity (which is to be transfigured), to which He will configure those who are His; according to Philippians 3:21: "(Who) will reform the body of our lowness configured [Douay: 'made like'] to the body of His glory." Hence Bede says on Mark 8:39: "By His loving foresight He allowed them to taste for a short time the contemplation of eternal joy, so that they might bear persecution bravely." (Summa Theologiae III.Q45.A1)
Mount Tabor helps us to endure Mount Calvary, yet the glory of Tabor is a foretaste of the lumen gloriae, the light of glory that we will have in heaven.

The world today needs witnesses who know where they are going i.e. heaven.  The best way to know this preeminently is to go to the mystical calvary, which is also the mystical tabor, the holy sacrifice of the Mass, to receive Jesus with frequency and intensity.

The Mother of God knows Tabor and Calvary well.  She was perhaps the only one aware of the first time God the Father permitted the beatific vision to overflow from Christ's divinity from his body, at his birth.  She was at Calvary.  She can help us to be transfigured witnesses of the Lamb of God and bring his light to this dark world.  May her prayers help us to do this well.

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