Sunday, July 8, 2012

Mary our Refuge in Whose Heart we find Jesus our God

Every Saturday in the Church's year belongs to Our Lady.  The Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy from Vatican II states:
103. In celebrating this annual cycle of Christ's mysteries, holy Church honors with especial love the Blessed Mary, Mother of God, who is joined by an inseparable bond to the saving work of her Son. In her the Church holds up and admires the most excellent fruit of the redemption, and joyfully contemplates, as in a faultless image, that which she herself desires and hopes wholly to be.
Listen to my homily for today:

If you have trouble listening, click here.

If Jesus lived with Mary, suffered, rejoiced, hoped, died, and rose with Mary, so we ought to feel that it is right and fitting for us to do so, for he gave her to the faithful to be a sure refuge and hope for divine blessings.  When he lived with her for 30 years, he invested in her as God all blessings, graces, merits, and fruits of redemption, so that we would find her Immaculate Heart to nourish, protect, guide, and nurture us.

There are different things Our Lady teaches us: unwavering faith, undying hope, fervent charity, virginal purity, childlike trust, and most especially the gift of humility.  Just as the Gospel for today speaks of accepting all things as a gift, i.e. placing new wine in new wineskins and not forcing new experiences to be placed in old expectations, humility allows us to bring forth the maximum glory of God in each new gift, new person, new day of our lives.

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