Thursday, March 22, 2012

Jesus is the Divine Physician, but First Permit Him to Diagnose So You May Be Healed

"You're not listening to me.  I don't like your tone of voice.  How dare you speak to me that way.  We are going to the shop and your going to buy me this and you're going to do it now."
Sound like an adult speaking to a child?  No.  It was a little boy speaking to his mother.  It is what is called a satanic inversion.

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When a person tries to be God and tell God what to do, it is a wicked inversion of roles, where good is seen as evil and evil, good.  Yet the mystery of iniquity is at work in our hearts: rebelliousness, arrogance, resistance to grace, and so on.  Do not be afraid if you find this in your hearts, but turn and submit this sinfulness to the power of the Cross, where Jesus overcame our pride by his humiliation.  We need to drink of his humility every day to be washed free of our arrogant tendencies.

Lent is the time for repentance, the time when we are able to look at ourselves and have the courage to change.  It is the time not to distance ourselves from the idolatrous Israelites and prideful Pharisees but identify ourselves with them.  It is the time when we allow Jesus the divine Physician to begin to heal us by first giving us the diagnosis of our sins.

May the Immaculate and Penitent Hear to Mary pray for us and intercede for us sinners, that we may turn to God and find salvation and healing.

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