Saturday, August 27, 2011

Idolatry and Adultery - Unfaithfulness in Body or in Spirit

In the Old Testament, there is a clear reason why adultery and idolatry always are put together (Eg. Exod. 24:7; Deut. 5:27; Josh. 24:14-25). They are considered two sides of the same coin. One is spiritual infidelity, where Israel would worship other gods forsaking the monogamous covenant with the Lord, and the other is bodily unfaithfulness, the sexual expression of the hearts errant direction.

Be not afraid, if you look into the murky depths of your heart and you find infidelity. This is nothing other than the power of sin working. Yet there is a deeper calling, a higher light, a yearning much more intense for the soul to be fulfilled in God, an aching of greater gravity to have intimacy with the One who loved you first before all others.

The sufferings and Cross of the Redeemer is where the infidelity of man is washed clean, bathed in a bath of faithful and inerrant love, unstraying, unwavering, immutable, and eternal adoration of the Son's Heart fixed like a true arrow to the inmost depths of the Father's Heart. Follow the Immaculate Lamb of God to submit all that is in you, even and especially that part of you that is not yet faithful, that still needs to be cleansed and cauterized in the white hot holy Love of Jesus Christ. The Immaculate and true Heart of Mary, the perpetual Virgin Mother can intercede for you and obtain for you a portion of the Lord's unwavering and faithful love.

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