Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Davao Durian anyone? They saw you haven't really arrived in Davao unless you've had Durian, a local tropical fruit, iconically identified with the local culture. Some things I learned about Davao: -Largest geographical city limits in the world. -Ranked 4th safest city in the world. -2nd ranked cleanest water in the world. -911 emergency response is free with a response rate on par with the US and Europe. -All 11 local indigenous tribes are represented with a Deputy Mayor from each tribe, which has greatly insured peace and equanimity. -Smoking is outlawed in the city, universal 30km/hr speed limit, and no fireworks permitted. -Harsh laws punishing criminals, including CCTV cameras greatly deter crime.

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This is Travis and Melissa Seilhan. They answered God's call to leave the comforts of their own home and people and, with their 6 children, serve the Lord as a Catholic Missionary Family. Daily they care for the sick and the wounded of all who come to them in a rural part of Northern Mindanao, Philippines, feed hungry street children, and counsel families who come looking for help. I stayed with them for three days but was deeply inspired by their joyful spirit relying on God's grace and providence. Please pray for them and support them in whatever way you can. http://ift.tt/1WoggWW

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